Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Immortal Dick

I don't want to jinx the guy, but I have the feeling that former VP Dick Cheney will outlive us all.

His heart may be a giant wad of scar issue (ask his specialists), as cold as ice (ask a Democrat), or shotgun pellet-proof (I bet Harry Whittington shot back), but the veep just keeps on keepin' on.

And strangely enough, he's really the only Republican who gets under the collective skin of Obamarama. He doesn't need a tele-prompter, just his trademark smirk. And Democrats get all flustricrated. One smirk and he's like Saturday Night Live's old Mr Subliminal, shooting out key messages - "Soft on Terrorism!" "Weak on national security." "Hot Sex".

Yuck. Maybe not the last one.


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