Saturday, July 17, 2010

Anagram Insights for Oksana and Mel - Key words - Oink, Goo, Vagina, Lemons

Craving more goss about Oksana Grigorieva? Don't bother reading gossip rags or court documents. Just run her name through this internet anagram website.

It yields 36 pages of Anagram Personality Insights, which we categorize and shortlist here solely as a public service:


- A Vagina Riser Gook
- Vaginas Rag Rookie
- Vagina Raiser Gook
- Vagina Okra Orgies

Plus Goo

- Vagina Arks Gooier
- Vaginae Ark Goo Sir
- Area Ska Virgin Goo
- A Varies Raking Goo

Pig Qualities, Ovaries and Orgies

- A Garage Oink Visor
- A Savage Rigor Oink
- A Ravages Rooking I
- Ovarian Agog Skier
- A Raving Oak Orgies
- Ravagers Ago I Oink

Misc insights

- Savager Oak Groin I
- A Ravages Rooking I
- A Kangaroo Give Sir

And to understand Mel Gibson's attraction to the 'lovely' Oksana, we only need to run his name through the same anagram analyzer, which offers us:

- Big Lemons
- Bong Slime
- Be Long Mis
- Glob Em Ins

That about says it all, eh?

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kris said...

I have no idea what you are talking about.

Is Mel Gibson in trouble again?

Who is this Oksana slut who is trying to ruin his good name?

Also? You, sir . . . are insane.

Eli said...

Daddy, what's a vagina okra orgy?

NZMoores said...

Ask your mother... Or Oksana... And then wash your mouth out with soap. And possibly go to the clinic for a big Jab...

Dina in Perth said...

Wait, let me go to the anagram site to see if it offers such incredioble insight into the personalities of zillionaires like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and megasluts like the K sisters... Yep, it does! Cool as...