Thursday, March 11, 2010

Enough already with the butt scopes

CBS' Harry Smith was all smiles (great drugs?) as his live colonoscopy was beamed to millions of viewers.

Somehow Harry was on his back, and the scope was stuck through the sheet at a strategic location. No idea about the geometry involved.

If having a probe shoved up his tailpipe wasn't enough fun, he also had the lovely Katie Couric gowned up and standing by his side "in the splash zone."

Any man getting a buttoscopy does NOT need Katie Couric in the "splash zone". It's OK to have Geraldo Rivera in the zone if there is likely to be MAJOR spray. But not Katie.

Hopefully Harry's butt-u-mentary will save lives. But it was nowhere near as entertaining as Dave Barry's column "A journey into my colon, and yours.

Men, get your butt scoped, and think of Dave Barry. Or Geraldo. But keep Katie out of it...


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